Christmas Gift Ideas

The perfect gift for someone who loves to MEDITATE   is a personalized CD. How can it be personalized?

Remember, everything has frequency! The Tibetan Singing Bowls exude tones for a given frequency. My friend, Dr. G. Wolf, designed a thirty minutes presentation playing the bowls according to your natal chart. Yes, the frequency of the alignment of the planets on the day, hour and place of your birth will be recorded to a very special and UNIQUE CD.

Feel free to write me for more information, or place your order NOW. You have to allow 7 – 10 days for the creation of your gift and shipping. (210) 710-4793. $60 plus s/h.

The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift

Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate Bliss is designed as a daily, core food and was created to assist people desiring to live on Raw Super Foods and women who are pregnant or nursing. The smooth, rich chocolate flavor is enjoyable to most mainstream people, including children. Primary effects are continuous peak mood, energy and beauty. Blend with Vanilla Agave Nectar & water for a smooth chocolate beverage full of nutrient-rich raw superfoods.

Chocolate Bliss Ingredients: Mayan Gold Cacao Powder, Hemp Seeds, Whole Coconut Flour, Rhodiola Rosea, Maca, Sun Fire Salt, MSM, Bioperine, Pure Vanilla Powder, Carob, Tocotrienols (Vitamin E related Tocopherols, CoQ10, Glutathione), Camu Camu Berries, Acerola Berries, Amla Berries, Manioc Root, Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Buckwheat Berry Sprouts, Rose Hips Fruit, Lemon Peel, Psyllium Seed Powder.

All ingredients are raw. This is a Certified Pristine product.

The Cacao powder in this product has been fully fermented and has had the majority of the shell debris removed, producing optimal effects without side effects from incomplete fermentation and toxins in shell debris. For more information, read the Raw Super Food Product Quality Guide.

Free of:  Excipients, animal products, sugar, THC, gluten, chemicals.

Heating Up the Raw Food Scene




Read all about it!  Chef Christa Emrick featured in SA Dining Out Magazine!


Sun Fire Salt ™

Pristine Sun Fire Salt combines finest Himalayan Pink Salt, Bolivian Rose Salt, Hawaian Alaea Clay Salt, and ChineseSea Salt from the original Ming Dynasty Saltworks.

Sun Fire Salt is extremely rich in platinum group elements supporting continuous peak mood and energy, immaculate hydration for perfect skin quality and high electrolyte levels for ultimate beauty/charisma/magnetic attraction.

Quality and quantity of salt determine hydration.  Salt holds water in solution and increases water’s wetting angle, easing cellular uptake.

All our salts are free of nickel dust created by low quality grinders.


Call Christa for more info on where to find it!

Super Foods

Turn ON your Peak Energy and Creativity!  Enjoy your Raw Food Vegan Diet – the EASY WAY!

You’re in the right place if you’re excited about having continuous peak energy, mood & beauty!  Upgrade your life with Pristine Raw Super Foods.

Each whole food botanical is optimally cultivated, fair trade and sustainable. Rich in human compatible/absorbable vitamins, minerals, EFA oils and antioxidants, especially vitamins C and E. Low temperature processed. Cold stored as required. Far exceeds Certified Organic standards. Protected from irradiation, X-rays, truck/ship/plane exhaust fumes and overheated warehouses.

Fiesta Molé V2.5™ Your ultimate sensory adventure into rich, spicy, exotic  flavors from Mexican Molés (chocolate) to Thailand and Polynesia.

Chocolate Bliss V4.7™ The smooth, rich chocolate flavor is enjoyable to most   mainstream people, including children. Create delicious smoothies.

Vanilla Agave Nectar™ Pristine Vanilla Agave Nectar™ may be Nature’s most   perfect sweetener.  Use it in your smoothies, desserts, and everywhere a recipe calls for sweetener and vanilla.

Rain Forest Rush V1.4™ Raise your smoothies to the next level with this high energy Raw Super Food.

Sun Fire Salt ™ The ultimate in salts combining the best of the best.  Use  whenever you wish to enhance the flavor of your dishes.

Why Raw Foods?

Imagine biting into a fresh, ripe, crispy, organic apple, slurping its juices and as you chew, savoring each flavor – that’s what Raw Food is about – simple, pure, energizing, sensual and unadulterated raw.

The Raw Food Lifestyle often named “live foods”, “living cuisine”, “sunfood cuisine” is a diet comprised of naturally grown wild or organically and sustainably raised fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and occasionally sprouted grains.  Raw Foodists do not consume animal products of any kind with the exception of honey and bee pollen. It excludes any foods with chemical and processed or pasteurized ingredients. Raw foods may be sliced, chopped, diced, blended and dehydrated, but the integrity of the nutrients and enzymes remain intact because the food is not heated above 118 degrees.

While many people use the terminology of Raw and Living interchangeably, there is a distinct difference.  Living Food refers to food that is still alive and growing i.e. sprouts such as alfalfa or sunflower seed or fermented foods such as sauerkraut, which is enzymatically alive.

Only uncooked and unprocessed foods can provide us with the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxygen, fiber and other nutrients our bodies need for optimal health.

Why? It’s all about Enzymes. Dr. Edward Howell states in his book Enzyme Nutrition:

“Life could not exist without enzymes. Enzymes convert the food we eat into chemical structures that can pass through the membranes of the cells lining the digestive tract and into the blood stream.  Food must be digested so that it can ultimately pass through cell membranes. Enzymes also aid in converting the prepared foods into new muscle, flesh, bone, nerves and glands.  Working with the liver, they help store excess food for future energy and building needs.  They also assist in kidneys, lungs, liver, skin and colon in their important eliminative tasks.  Perhaps it would be easier to write about what enzymes don’t do, for they are involved in almost every aspect of life.”

Scientists are now convinced that each of us is born with a certain amount of enzymes in our body.  The supply is supposed to last a lifetime.  However, the faster you use up the enzyme supply (lots is needed for digestion) the shorter your life.  Thereby, the best way to rebuild our enzyme reserves is to eat raw and living foods.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, author of several books on raw foods, explains, “As our enzyme pool diminishes with age, our ability to perform the tasks that keep the body healthy also diminishes.  Aging happens when enzymes decrease in concentration in the body.”  Thereby Dr. Cousens along with Dr. Howell and raw food teacher,Dr. Ann Wigmore believes “that enzyme preservation is a secret to longevity”.

Benefits Eating foods that are alive keeps you feeling ALIVE.

Mind A greater sense of peace.  Ridding yourself of an “unhealthy relationship” with food

Body Effortlessly shedding pounds of unwanted physical weight.  Overall improved health shows itself including: Glistening skin Clear and glowing eyes (My eyesight slightly improved within only 4 months.) Glossy hair Endless energy It makes you feel FANTASTIC inside and out. No more scrubbing greasy pots and pans. (Can you imagine what it did to your intestines?)

Spirit It keeps you grounded, closer to the earth.

And ethically, you are reducing the taxing burden of our environment.

“FRESH ORGANICS = HEALTHY PEOPLE + HEALTHY PLANET”                                                                              Any Phyo, Raw Food Chef and author